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Islamic Banking: Theory & Practice

Muhammad Hanif. Islamic Banking: Theory & Practice Authors:Muhammad Hanif.
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Book Summary:
Islamic banking is based on principles of Islamic financial laws. Interest is prohibited by Islamic law hence operations of Islamic banking are different from conventional banking although both types of banking fulfill the same needs of customers. In financing customers' needs Islamic banks use either asset based financing or profit and loss sharing modes of financing. Islamic banking was started in last quarter of 20th century to cater the needs of Muslims around the world although it is not limited to Muslims only. It has shown marvelous growth and expansion worldwide. This book is written with a clear focus on learning of Islamic banking by accounting, business and finance students/professionals. Resources available on the subject have so for focused on legal side and very negligible work is available on financial front for a common user. This book is written in financial perspective and author has focused upon financial impacts, generated by application of Islamic financial laws....

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