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Textiles of the Islamic World

John Gillow. Textiles of the Islamic World Authors:John Gillow.
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Book Summary:
A worldwide survey of Islamic textile production over the centuries, illustrated with 600+ color photographs. This book surveys the wide array of textiles made, worn, used, and displayed throughout the Islamic world, from the glorious fabrics of the past to those produced today. Hundreds of illustrations feature examples from around the globe, including embroidered Persian prayer cloths, Anatolian ikat coats, Ottoman beaded purses, Caucasian striped silk bags, Berber womens shawls, Arab tent decorations, Yemeni indigo robes, Indonesian batik sarongs, and West African strip-woven cloths. Region by region, the book provides details of local history, particular textile traditions, materials, dyes, special forms of decoration, and information on current practice. The variety is stunning, from cloths of cotton, hemp, linen, and wool to sumptuous velvets and silks; from techniques of quilting, felting, beading, and knitting to block-printing, tie-dyeing, and hand-weaving...

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